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Konvensi Kajian Eropa 2012
01 Jul 2012

The Convention of Indonesian European Studies 2012
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Yogyakarta, 11-12 July 2012 

The Convention on Indonesian European Studies is an annual event with the objective of promoting and strengthening European Studies in Indonesia. The proposed convention 2012 is the second and a follow up of the 1st convention organized in 2009. While the general activities of the events are essentially the same as the previous one, there is a slight adjustment on the program. The convention 2012 consists of the meeting of Indonesian Community of European Studies and Indonesia - EU Relations Update. Time constraint prevents us from organizing conference inviting people to write papers. Instead of calling for papers, this year's convention will invite speakers to talk about specific theme of the update.

The aim of the meeting of the Indonesian Community of European Studies aimed at building a community network connecting those interested in the European Studies. This network is expected to promote and strengthen European Studies in Indonesia as reflected in the research, teaching and publication. The Indonesia-European Union Update is a forum to bring together practitioners, business and academic communities to discuss up to date issues in the relations between Indonesia and European Union. This years' update focuses on the crisis in Europe and the rise of radical extremism both in Europe and in Indonesia.

On the theme of crisis in Indonesia the update will address some important questions such as: how serious recent crisis facing European Union is, how far the crisis affects Indonesia. The update is expected particularly to examine the impacts of the crisis in three different aspects: political engagement between Indonesia-EU, trade and economic interest as well as social and cultural relationships. On the theme of the rise of radical extremism, the update will address the phenomenon of radical extremism in different form facing both Indonesia and EU. The two parties can learn from each other on how to best deal with this problem.

The Participants
Some 20 people representing universities and research institutions across Indonesia are expected to attend the Meeting and present their ideas in the parallel session of the Update. The Update is open for academics, government officials, business communities as well as those interested in the issues affecting Indonesia-EU relations.

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