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Encounter with Thucydides, TPI class goes online
09 Oct 2012

Dear all,

Hope you all enjoy this lovely sunny morning!

We are now counting down the discussion on a very interesting person and his thought, Thucydides. We all have seen the materials prepared by those in charge. Meanwhile, you all have been part of different group. This group is where you all have to discuss and produce a group work. The person in charge of preparing the material is the one responsible to make sure that the discussion is on the right track. This does not mean, though, that no discussion is needed. On the contrary, how you all belonging to the same deal with the contestation of the ideas and accommodate others. Not expected as a result of discussion is a compilation of different ideas. What matters is how the group can bring together all ideas, however diverse they are, into a quality written work.

We will start at 7:30. Please set you computer clock using this atomic clock as reference (http://www.atomic-clock.org.uk/atomic-clock.php). The person in charge in each group will raise question/s or present statement/s to ignite discussion.

Look forward to seeing you there. Wish you enjoy your encounter with one of the most prominent historian and REALIST in history, Thucydides.


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